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When to Choose Chrome Restoration Over Replacement Parts

Chroming is an electroplating process that offers all sorts of useful benefits, such as corrosion resistance, durability, and low friction, to name just a few. Thanks to these features, chroming is used for a vast array of industrial applications, including equipment repair. At Badger Precision, we focus on chroming homogenizer plungers, specifically.

Chrome restoration services are an excellent alternative to fully replacing a faulty part. For example, if you have an equipment component that has worn down and become too small to function properly, a company that provides chrome restoration services, like Badger Precision, can use chroming to return it to its original dimensions. In addition to restoring parts with chroming, we at Badger Precision can repair chrome finish that has been damaged.

Restoring a part with hard chrome plating instead of replacing it with a new part offers a couple of distinct advantages. The first (and most obvious) advantage has to do with cost. In many cases, choosing chrome restoration services is going to be cheaper than buying a new part.

The second big advantage chrome restoration has over part replacement is that chrome finish is (as previously mentioned) extremely durable. There’s a good chance that a part repaired with chrome plating will last longer than a new part that doesn’t have a chrome finish, and it will have all of the fantastic properties chrome plating is famous for, like strength and abrasion resistance.

If you need chrome restoration services for your homogenizer plunger, contact Badger Precision today. Call us at 715-229-2828 or send an email to

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