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Save Money with Valve Reconditioning Service

Regardless of the application, valves can take a beating. This means that they often need repairs and valve reconditioning service in order to prevent downtime and expenses related to replacement and failures. Reconditioning is a vital part of preventative maintenance that can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

What Is Valve Reconditioning Service?

Essentially, valve reconditioning service requires you to take your parts to valve repair shops where professionals are able to restore the valves back to their original condition. Typically, the reusable parts are cleaned and polished. The metallic components that have minor damage are often repaired with machining. Soft parts, such as gaskets as well as those with severe damage are scrapped and then replaced with new parts. This is how Badger Precision restores your valves to like-new condition.

Signs It Is Time for Reconditioning

There are a number of signs that it is time to visit valve repair shops. By watching for the early warning signs, you can schedule valve reconditioning services with Badger Precision and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Internal leaks that exceed the maximum leakage rating can be an indication of minor damage or wear and tear to the internal components. External leaks, which are a major concern, are an indication of improper maintenance. It is important to ensure that the valve that you are using is right for the application and always stick to the preventative maintenance schedule. Along with valve reconditioning services, we offer custom valve fabrication and rebuilding services for leak detect valves, with the addition of our new 2" and 1.5" sizing options for our stainless steel valves. If you are in need of valve reconditioning, rebuilding, or fabrication service, call Badger Precision today at (715) 229-2828.
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