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Badger Precision, Inc., formerly Badger Valve Rebuilding Co., is located right in the middle of Wisconsin's Dairyland.  It began in 1955 as a hobby for Arnie Little who, at the time, was a foreman in a chain of dairy plants.  He had experimented with restoring the battered, worn-out stainless steel plug valves that were used in the dairy plants and expensive to replace. After developing a successful process, Arnie could forsee the possibilities of restoring the worn-out valves he began the process of acquiring the expensive grinders, metalizing equipment, welders, buffers and polishers needed to accomplish that process. At the time of his untimely death, he had only scratched the surface of acquiring potential customers.
The business was purchased by J.A. (Jim) Petersen, who began to develop it internationally.  The business continued to grow and quickly expanded its services to include an almost endless variety of sanitary food handling valves, shafts, pumps and ultimately just about anything else made of stainless steel. Due to the expanding products and services, a name change occurred in 1990 to Badger Precision, Inc. Gary Petersen who had been with the company since 1977, purchased the business in 1996.  In 2020, Gary sold his business to his sons Eric Petersen and Jeff Petersen.  Eric has 25+ years of experience at Badger Precision and Jeff has been with the business nearly 10 years.  Eric and Jeff strive for perfection and will tackle almost anything that can be built from scratch or rebuilt. Today, Badger Precision does work from coast to coast, as well as around the world.
If you have never used Badger Precision's services, we urge you to check us out by sending your discarded or worn out equipment to us, call or email for a quote, and we will get back to you promptly. We are confident you will be pleasantly surprised to not only recognize you rebuilt equipment as nearly new, or better than new, but also that it will perform as good as new, which is a guarantee we offer to all our customers.
        Call us at (715) 229-2828 or (800) 229-0381.
            Click below if you would like to email us.
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