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We work with just about any kind of pump and its internal parts.   (Click image to expand)

Industrial Pump Services to Keep Your Operations Running

A key factor to operating a fruitful and lucrative facility is equipment reliability. This is where Badger Precision can help as your trusted partner. With a full-service repair facility, we are equipped to take care of all of your industrial pump repair needs. Equipment downtime can be very costly to your company's operation. For this reason, it is vital that the job is done right the first time, every time.

Our Expert Service Can Save You Time and Money

By partnering with Badger Precision, you are aligning yourself with a company with almost 70 years in the motor pump repair industry. Do not trust your valuable equipment to so-called pump shops that seem to pop up practically overnight, call the professionals at Badger Precision today.

Badger Precision offers the industrial pump services that are required to keep your pumping systems running efficiently. We evaluate and design commercial pump repair around your specific needs. We take the time to evaluate all of the conditions of your system and address the operational needs of preventative maintenance and look for signs of future issues in order to avoid eventual pump system failure.

If you have yet to use any of the services offered by Badger Precision, we encourage you to check us out. If you are in need of industrial pump repair or service, call us or send us an email and we will get back to you promptly with a quote. We have the greatest confidence you will be pleased to have your equipment restored to like-new conditions or better than new, and it will perform as well as new. This is a guarantee that we offer to all our customers. Call today at (715) 229-2828 or (800) 229-0381.

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