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Valve Reconditioning – An Alternative To Replacement

All equipment will fail at some point in time. Often the cause of the failure is something that may be small in size but very large in importance and replacement cost.

When it comes to valves that fail, many process managers assume that replacing the existing valve with a new valve is the only option. At Badger Precision, we offer a better solution: use our services in valve reconditioning.

Valve reconditioning allows our team to take the failed or failing valve apart. We then clean all components and replace any damaged parts. This could include repairing or replacing the mechanical components of the valve, replacing seals, or changing the actuator. There may also be repairs to the body or the bonnet of the valve, depending on the specific type of valve.

Top Reasons for Valve Reconditioning

Top Reasons for Valve Reconditioning

The most common reason our customers choose valve reconditioning is the lower cost. Replacing a small valve part is a very different price than replacing the entire valve. The other important reasons to consider this option include:

  • Faster turnaround – our team can complete valve reconditioning faster than many special order valves can be tracked down, shipped, and installed. This means less downtime for your production and less profit loss.

  • Works with your system – older systems may not be compatible with new valves on the market. This requires additional costs to place the valve, while the existing valve is already the perfect fit.

  • Options for spare components – reconditioned valves can still be a valuable backup part even if you choose a new valve as a replacement.

For more information on the cost and value of valve replacement, talk to the experts at Badger Precision. Give us a call at 715-229-2828 for more information.

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